Situated in the center of the great continent of Piros (which takes it’s name from the Giant God who is often referred to as the Devourer) exists a federated network of communities that span across great plains. No one name encompasses the group, and residents are often referred to as the ‘Children of Tius.’ These communities pay the highest respect to the land and it’s gifts. This is your home.

To both the North and the South lie two empires that have known peace for as long as anyone can remember. Part of this is a result of the plains being a neutral zone. To the south is an elven forest empire. How long they have been around is up for dispute. They put high priority on the expansion of knowledge and discovery of the world’s secrets. To the north is an empire of men. They live mostly in deserts and plains and believe the world is theirs to enjoy and exploit.

For ages they have kept to themselves, but recently they have been pressing into your communities with greater frequency. Let us find out why.